About Us

Our Mission

We aim to make industrial-strength online protection
accessible to everyone

Our Values


We are trauma-aware and compassionate with everyone who reaches out to us. The language we use acknowledges the worry, pain, and frustration caused by targeted online harassment. We see you and support you.


We stay ahead of trends in online security to keep your safeguards strong. Collectively, we have decades of experience doing incident response and cyber-security work. We leverage our knowledge of and friendship with many allied organizations to create the best possible system of safeguards for you.


We are super-responsive to client needs and requests. We are personally invested in the fight against online harassment and intrusion. Your well-being, safety, and privacy are our highest priorities.


We have deep roots in tech and a keen desire to use it for good. We are aware of the ethical issues tech faces today and want to be the change we are seeking. We want the ethics of tech to improve and we are leading the change. Every part of our company from our corporate policies to how we use and store data is intentionally designed to reflect our values and keep you safe.


Veteran software engineers. Computer security incident response pros. Sexual assault survivor advocates.
Our people have the tech muscle, industry experience, and empathy-based drive to power up a new standard of online security.

Leigh Honeywell

Leigh Honeywell

CEO and Co-Founder
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Leigh has more than a decade of experience in computer security incident response. Prior to co-founding Tall Poppy, she was a Technology Fellow at the ACLU's Project on Speech, Privacy, and Technology. Her industry career included running security incident response at Slack, protecting infrastructure running a million apps at Salesforce.com, shipping patches for billions of computers on a monthly basis at Microsoft, and analyzing malware at Symantec. Leigh has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto where she majored in Computer Science and Equity Studies, and is a frequent keynote speaker at security and software conferences around the world.

Erica Kwan

Erica Kwan

CTO and Co-Founder
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Erica has been a software engineer at a variety of companies and organizations. She was an early employee at Square and one of the first engineers on staff at Code for America. She has worked on projects for the Veterans Affairs department and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services as a senior engineer at Nuna. Erica is focused on building tools that have a meaningful impact. She has a computer science degree from the University of Victoria.

Nadia Chaudhry

Nadia Chaudhry

Product Designer
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Danielle Schneider

Danielle Schneider

Security Analyst
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Victoria Lam

Victoria Lam

Operations Analyst
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We’re deeply fortunate to have top experts on digital security and online abuse on our board of advisors. They bring decades of expertise in the field to help us guide product and business development decisions.

Stephan Somogyi

Product Lead, Android
Platform Security at Google

Mikki Kendall

Writer, Diversity Consultant

Satnam Narang

Staff Research Engineer,
Security Response at Tenable

Kat Lo

Trust and Safety Expert

Liz Lee

Founder, OnlineSOS

Zoë Quinn

Game Designer, Writer

Get the Survival Guide For Managers

Do you have an employee experiencing harassment? We're sorry to hear that they and you, by extension, are going through this. We've created a guide to help managers navigate this difficult situation.