Which parts of my team should I cover? Just high-risk employees, and the executive team, or everyone?
We recommend covering everyone. It’s not just public-facing employees who deal with these threats. Think “herd immunity”: The more people who are resistant to a threat, the safer everyone is. That said, we’ve found the people in the following groups are most likely to experience harassment:
  • Content creators
  • Executives
  • Developer Relations
  • Marketing
  • Trust and Safety teams
  • Underrepresented people (people of color, trans and nonbinary folks, women, etc.)
  • Anyone with high visibility online
We designed our main offering to be cost-effective enough to let you cover everyone. We also have a concierge service plan with more 1:1 attention for your executive team and highly visible staff.
Do I have to share my passwords?
No! Our online platform requires as little personally identifiable information (PII) as possible. Although we require an email to sign up, we don't ask for access to any third-party accounts.
How long will it take?
Currently, safeguarding personal digital safety requires filling out and submitting forms or sending emails (to opt out of sharing data, for instance). So setting up online safeguards will generally take a couple of hours per day for about a week. We recommend taking steps consistently each day instead of skipping days. Some safeguards are new habits (e.g., using a password manager) rather than discrete tasks.

We facilitate 1-hour online training sessions to help your people start working through the steps. Some tasks take a few minutes; some are more involved. We take you through the most high-impact changes first.
Can you do it for me?
If you choose the concierge service plan, we do complete many of these tasks for you.

However, we believe it’s very important for you to have awareness of and control over your personal digital safety. That means learning what information is sensitive and how to minimize exposure of it—and that requires going through the safeguarding process. We’d rather teach you how to stay safe!

So except for concierge-level service, our system requires you to complete the necessary steps.
Can you help me assess threats?
Yes! We’ll help you make smart decisions about how to respond to harmful interactions. We have experienced incident responders on staff who have helped many people understand and respond to different threat levels. Leigh Honeywell and Brooke Noonan are good examples of the multitalented people you’ll be working with.
Do you have pricing for data broker opt-out?
In our concierge service, we do complete data broker opt-outs and set up a password manager for employees. This service is priced per employee, so please contact us for more information.
Will you monitor my social media?
We are currently designing features to help people assess and address threats on social media in line with our focus on helping people safeguard themselves.
Will you monitor my employees?
No. The goal is to help employees take control of their personal digital safety; to do that, they have to trust the tools you’re providing. We believe employee surveillance is counterproductive to the goal and process of personal digital safety.