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Our Mission

We’re making digital safety accessible for everyone.
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We are compassionate.

We understand how scared, frustrated, and isolated online harassment can make you feel. We see you and support you.

We are knowledgeable.

Fostering digital safety requires expertise in information security, inclusion, and sociology. We stay ahead of the trends so that you can be confident in your safety online.

We are trustworthy.

We are personally invested in the fight against online harassment and intrusion. Your well-being, safety, and privacy are our highest priorities.

We are ethical.

We understand the failings and foibles of today’s technology, and we strive to epitomize the change we want to see. From our corporate policies to the way we use data, our company is designed to embody our values and keep you safe.

Investors & Advisors

Our product development and business development are guided by top experts with decades of experience in promoting digital security and fighting online abuse.

Stephan Somogyi

Product Lead, Android
Platform Security at Google

Mikki Kendall

Writer, Diversity Consultant

Satnam Narang

Staff Research Engineer,
Security Response at Tenable

Kat Lo

Trust and Safety Expert

Liz Lee

Founder, OnlineSOS

Zoë Quinn

Game Designer, Writer
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Protect your team from online harassment, fraud and social engineering.

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