How it Works

How it Works

Close the corporate security gap.

Empower your employees to take proactive action against online harassment and personal security threats.

Core Service

Accessible, step-by-step guidance to digital safety.
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Educate your employees on the ins and outs of digital safety.

Our customizable training workshop gives them high-level information about online harassment, security do’s and don’t’s, and the biggest security concerns for your organization.

Prioritize the most critical security tasks and guide your employees through them.

Our web app will guide them step-by-step through best practices for proactive digital safety.

Add crisis resources to your employee assistance program.

If the worst happens and your employee’s being attacked online, our incident responders are ready with compassionate, trauma-aware support.

Digital Footprint Assessment

Take proactive measures to prevent doxxing attacks.
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Foster your employees’ risk awareness.

We’ll perform a comprehensive analysis of their online presence. Shady sites selling their address and phone number? Old social media accounts? News articles from 20 years ago? We’ll find it all and let them know what’s out there.

Proactively remediating privacy threats.

We’ll work with your employees to get risky information taken down wherever possible, before attackers have a chance to find it.

Advanced Security Review

Busy executive? High risk staff? Have our team do the legwork.
An advanceed security review report with a flashlight shining on it. the flashlight has california poppies twined around the handle.
Get a review of your employees’ personal security practices.

In a 1:1 interview, we’ll examine their personal security posture with a fine toothed comb, make recommendations for safer practices, and follow up.

Get your employees’ personal information off the internet.

Shady companies sell their email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, names of relatives, and more to potential attackers. Our team will get those companies to take that information off the internet.

Get your employees set up with gold standard personal security services.

We’ll help them implement expert-approved personal security hardware and software tools like Yubikey and 1Password.

Give your employees awareness of what information’s available for attackers to find.

Our Digital Footprint Assessment service is included in the Advanced Security Review.

When the hordes of trolls, attackers, and hackers come, we’ll be ready.
Not only will your employees be protected against attacks, our incident responders will be on standby with compassionate, trauma-aware support.