What if the entire internet got mad at you? We can help with that.

Online security is exhausting. We’re here to make it manageable.

Tall Poppy is your all in one personal digital safety toolkit. We walk you through the most important steps to lock down your accounts and your information. One step at a time. Calmly, without jargon or fear.

Your personal digital safety dashboard.

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Understand your online footprint.

Locate and remove your information online, from data brokers and people search websites to data breaches and beyond. Dig them up by the roots and plant your own online profiles.

Take the stress out of staying safe.

We know that thinking about security can be stressful and intimidating. We keep things calm and avoid being scary. Nurture your safety from a place of relaxation, not anxiety.

Lock down your devices.

Keeping your phone and your laptop safe shouldn’t be a secret skill. We’ll show you how to keep the weeds out and make sure pests can’t get in.

Protect your online accounts.

Social media is the face you present to the world. Messengers are how you keep in touch with the people who matter. Cloud storage is where your memories, notes, and creations are kept safe. Give your accounts the care they need to stay strong and weather online storms.

Deal with problems before they happen.

With the right preparation online harassment can be easier to deal with. But that doesn’t stop it from being scary and demoralizing. We’ll help you through it. Plant your roots deep.

Peace of mind.

Have confidence that you’ve done what’s important to cultivate your personal digital safety. Stop worrying about conflicting suggestions or ambiguous advice. We’ll always show you what’s most important and most effective — combining our extensive experience with the most recent research.

Prepare. When you're not under pressure.

  • Take the guesswork out of staying safe online.
  • Take control of your personal digital safety.

Stay safe and sane. When trolls are in your mentions.

  • Crisis resources to help you respond.
  • Tried and tested strategies from seasoned incident responders.
  • Keep your mental health intact even when things feel overwhelming.

Starting with compassion. Centering you.

  • Resources to help other people in your life understand— like your therapist.
  • Trauma-aware support.

Tried and tested.

Ellen K Pao
Ellen K. Pao
Project Include Co-Founder,
former Reddit CEO

We can do something about it. We can do plenty.

“Anyone can be a victim of online harassment. When I ran Reddit, I called @hypatiadotca when our employees were being doxed and targeted. Recently she and @lgdean founded @tallpoppyhq to help all companies keep their employees safe.”

anita sarkeesian
Anita Sarkeesian
Exec Director @femfreq & @gameshotline

One of the best automated, self help, online systems I've seen so far.

"If you work for a company, recommend that they sign up for @tallpoppyhq to safeguard all their employees. It’s honestly one of the best automated, self help, online systems I’ve seen so far."

katherine maher
Katherine Maher
Former CEO of Wikimedia

Would recommend and use again, for everyone.

"[Big] ups to @tallpoppyhq for being there to walk me through this confusing landscape, and helping me my loved ones stay safe. Would recommend and use again, for everyone."

lilz lee
Liz Lee
VC, former Twitter, OnlineSOS, and Morgan Stanley

Big fan of the work Tall Poppy is doing.

"...big fan of the work @hypatiadotca is doing at @tallpoppyhq to solve this issue for newsrooms, other employers, and everyday individuals."

Trusted by those who need it most.

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Built out of hard-earned experience.

Our team have decades of experience as the people to call when your notifications are blowing up. We’re building Tall Poppy to be the tool we always wished we’d had to offer when folks needed help. We know what can go wrong, how harassers think, and how situations escalate — and we know the best things to do to stop those problems early or prevent them from happening. Online safety has always been accessible to those with the resources to hire professionals. But visibility doesn’t always mean money, especially for people from marginalized communities. We want make online safety as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. With a trauma-aware and mental-health-first approach, we hope that Tall Poppy can make that a reality.

Tall Poppy will soon be available to the public. Sign up to our waitlist to be the first to know when we launch — or to help us as an early tester.